1. Healthy food menu
    We provide clean eating healthy food menus and recipes to give you a different variety of foods that you can prepare.
  2. Clean Eating Meal Prep Delivery
    We provide you with fresh clean eating meals on a weekly basis. You choose the meals you want for the week from our monthly menu page. We offer individual meals and weekly meal plans. You can purchase individual meals and save money with our 5 meals per week plan! Orders are due by 6 pm Friday and and we have two pick up days, Sunday between 3 and 5 pm and Thursday between 6:30 and 8 pm. Meals can be frozen or fresh for your convenience. Fresh meals can last up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Inquire about local delivery. For return customers that purchase our items that are placed in jars, when re-ordering and using your jars we will take $1.00 off each jar refill.
  3. Blog/Group Support
    As an additional support, Skiny Mika Healthy Eating provides a Blog/Group Support for those who have joined our 60 Day Clean Eating and Fitness Challenge. This page is assist with keeping individuals motivated and supported during their weight loss journey.
  4. Health Coaching
    We provide assistance with getting individuals to their optimal physical and mental level with healthy food and fitness. We offer: Cooking Demos & Lessons; Grocery Store Tours & Walk-Through; 24-Hour Support Service Hotline; Meal Prep Services Nutrition & Healthy Eating for Kids; online Blog/Group Support Services. ***Initial Consultation is FREE***
Why to Clean Eat
There are so many benefits with eating clean. Here are a few:
Put you in a better mood.
More energy.
Improved cardiovascular health.
Support mental health.